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We are a CFMOTO THUNDER RACING TEAM actively involved in rally raid championships around the world. We also work with Dynavolt, Gates, ITP, Iron Baltic, TFX, Motul  and many other companies with whose help we write new pages of history.

From 2020, we showed great results and received a lot of attention in both media and social platforms, so we will continue our mission and continue to strive for only the best results both on the track and in the social space.

The history we create and the content that goes into the public reflects the values of the team. It is perseverance, striving to fight and achieve the goal, dedication, respect for team members, partners and competitors.

We have something to prove. We can inspire others. We are stronger every year and we are here for a long time.

We invite you to follow the challenges of our team and follow the news on our social platforms.

220816_CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team Logo-1.png

The Latest News

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