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The penultimate day of the Fenix ​​Rally: a broken wheel in the first kilometer

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The Fenix ​​rally in Tunisia is coming to an end, with participants finishing the penultimate

stage on Friday. Participants had to drive more than 150 km in the dunes and they said it

was not an easy ride.

CFMOTO RACING TEAM riders still hold on to the top of their class standings to this day, but

today the result has almost slipped out of hand. Adomas Gančierius, the leader of the ATV

standings, said that in the first kilometer of the speed section, the rear wheel rim broke so

he had to drive the remaining distance with a flat tire.

Flat tire to the finish

"At the first kilometer I hit the stone and the rim broke, so the remaining 159 kilometers

had to be driven with the flat tire on a rear wheel. I was very careful not to break it down at

all. In some places I had to slow down quite a lot, but I didn’t waste too much time. It was a

very good test, during which we’ve discovered that with these tires it is possible to drive

about two hundred kilometers without air. Truth be said, it was uneasy task to climb the

dunes, but there I caught Antanas and the Frenchman Martinez, and I even overtook them

later, ”said A. Gančierius after the finish.

The athlete also said that during the 15-minute break in the refueling zone, he set up a

strategy and let A. Kanopkinas drive in front of him, that way both members of the team

achieved good results in today's speed stage.

After the finish, Antanas Kanopkinas spoke about the fact that his plan was to follow the

Frenchman that’s closest to him in the standings, thus assuring that he will not overtake

Antanas’ in overall standings: There was a plan and I followed it, in the last fifty kilometers,

after the filling area, I even managed to win another minute. The day was hard, I gave all my

strength and pressed to the maximum.”

The man mentioned that although both CFMOTO RACING TEAM athletes have already

gained a significant advantage before the start of the last day, it is still too early to

celebrate. On Saturday, the seventh day of the rally, 85 kilometers speed stage awaits the

participants. There will be high dunes and sandy plains - the final results will be decided




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