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The first day of rally in Greece: a short introduction to a week full of slippery tracks

On Monday, the week-long Hellas Rally Raid started in Greece, where as many as 306 participants, including 12 quads, 42 SSVs and as many as 250 motorcycles, took to the starting line. Among them are CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team pilots Antanas Kanopkinas and Gaetan Martinez. In seven days, the participants will have to cover more than 1700 kilometers, and on the first day, the participants had only 100 kilometers, 60 of which were the special stage.


"It was a great start day, but the first thing we noticed straight away is that the tracks are very slippery - it's important to rethink the braking points, not to slide too much in the corners. The tracks are really dangerous, with lots of rocks hiding in the grass and on the sides. Everything else is great: hot, sunny, but the views are great and the mood for the coming week is great," said G. Martinez.


Returning to the bivouac, A. Kanopkinas mentioned the same thing when talking about the features of the track - the extremely slippery road surface will be the main criterion to be fought in this race week: "The first day is over - everything is very good. I made a classic little navigational mistake when I turned around after seeing the motorcycles coming back and then had to turn back again. The loss is small. The most important thing is that we are at the finish, because the track is unforgiving, with a lot of stones. The goal is not only to drive fast, but also to protect the quads - this is the main recipe for survival. No sliding or corner cutting this week. The finish is most important."


Tomorrow, Tuesday, almost 300 kilometers of Greek slippery mountains await the participants. Both athletes are in a fighting mood and in high spirits - the first short day allowed them to assess how to ride in the current conditions, so the athletes feel ready for one of the longer days this week.



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