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This competition can be described with three words: extreme, killing, strong.

Why did I want to try it? Because it shows the driver’s preparation, protection and strength of the mechanism.

First day Everybody was grouped according to the registration; unfortunately, I fell to the third line and it meant there was a crowd of rivals in front of me, so it will be difficult to get forward. However, I managed to overtake one half of them easily and simply after driving a few kilometres. So, I had to relax and press the accelerator even more. Thus, I finished in the 3rdplace on the first day, so my emotions exceeded the expectations.

Second day

It was a little easier because of the start in the first line. Unfortunately, it was a difficult day in the sense of navigation, so all participants had to try hard. On the second day, I damaged two wheels, so the team members had to catch the route near the road to replace the wheel and not to lose any time because of an empty tire. Thanks to the total team, we finished in the second position.

Third day

Decisive day: we had a discussion as a team and decided to press the accelerator to reach the highest possible position, i.e., remain in TOP 3. This day was really successful for all of us – in the navigation and in the route. We reached the first position! We were very happy until we heard an English girl-racer died in the route, to be precise, on the mount that is called “Killer Hill”. After this news, all participants lost their mood and had to vote if they wanted to cancel the competition or go forward. Unfortunately, most participants wanted to cancel the competition... Thus, we remained in the second place in MOTORIDER Racing TEAM – ATV Cross Country class!

Would I come back to this competition? Yes, but I would drive in the class EXTREME this time because I want bigger challenges every time.


Brilliant competition to fight against Lithuanian all-terrain vehicle drivers because it is the biggest event attracting fans of the roadless territory. As our goal in this competition is to test the mechanisms before hard challenges around the year, we worked everywhere: both in the marsh and in the quarry and tested the mechanisms perfectly.

Breslau Rally

In this competition, the finish can only be reached by a very strong team and excellent mood. It was a rally raid competition where we had to drive 1500 km in 5 days by navigating with the road book. Impressive tracks, sands, forests and narrow quarters make you concentrate hard and go to the finish without making any mistakes. I am very happy the mechanisms did not cause any problems and we succeeded in passing this marathon in the fifth position from 29 participants. When I finished, I said immediately I would come back and try to fight for the prize places.



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