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„CFMOTO Factory Racing Team“ has become a Factory team and presented the starts of the 2020 year

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

The CFMOTO factory said the wish to be visible in the world of sport, so CFMOTO FACTOR RACING TEAM was developed with the purpose to demonstrate and test the technologies under the harshest conditions. The forthcoming year is a test year, so the team is not going to raise any big goals, but professional racers will fight in all competitions and the other team members will help them.

Beside the support of the factory and the CFMOTO brand, the team can also have a few partners. The maximum number is six. Now, the team has an agreement with four supporters. They are the Estonian company „Iron Baltic“, the manufacturer of tires and wheel rims of the USA ITP, the German company „Liqui Moly“ and the Lithuanian company „Specialist“. It is planned to obtain the rest partners by January.

The goal of the team for the next season is to start in competitions with one ATV and two moto buggies. By the way, the position of the steersman is still free in one of the crews.

„Adomas Gančierius will go with an ATV of „CFORCE 1000“. Antanas and Audra Kanopkinas will race in a new buggy „ZFORCE 1000 SPORT“. Dalius Mockapetris and a Co-Driver that is still being searched will go in the buggy „ZFORCE 1000“ that was already seen and tested in the last season. The fellows that are already known perfectly to us – Paulius Švirinas and Regimantas Alesius – will become mechanics. „MS Team“ also makes a very big contribution to technical solutions of the team. The media of the team is „We Capture“ and it will consist of two or three people. We will also have a photographer. Marius Kunigiškis will take this position. Thus – „Full House“, - spoke Antanas Kanopkinas.

The first season of the „CFMOTO Factory Racing Team“ will really be various. The team is going to start both in Africa and Poland and in the competitions of championships of the Baltic States. One of the biggest challenges of the forthcoming year is the marathon in Africa, State of Algeria, Tuareg Rallye 2020.

„The next competition starts on the 8th of February. It is rather a test for us. It is the first competition of „Perimeter“ in Lithuania. On the 21st of March, the team starts in „Tuareg Rallye“ in Africa. Then, the other member of our team Dalius Mockapetris is going to fight in the „Enduro“ rally in Lithuania. Later, the team expects the second stage of „Perimetras 4x4“ in Lithuania. In July, we will start in „Breslau Rallye“ in Poland. At the end of July, we will come back to Lithuania to the great competition of „Perimetras 4x4“ that will continue for 3 days. The ATV-Pilot Adomas Gančierius will also participate in the „Enduro sprint“. These are all our official plans until autumn, although we are going to participate in another marathon competition. We have to choose between „Hunt The Wolf“ in Romania, a rally in Tunisia or „Weston Beach“ in Great Britain“, - said Antanas Kanopkinas.

Presently, the team is waiting for the new buggy of „ZFORCE 1000 Sport“ and its parts that were manufactured for sport specially. Then, the mechanics will throw themselves into their works and they will have less than a month to prepare the technologies for their first start.



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