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“CFMOTO” Factory Racing team announced their new composition and plans for the upcoming season.“

“CFMOTO Factory Racing Team” has successfully finished pandemic adjusted 2020 season and is already looking to the next year. In 2021 season the team has set up goals to start in competitions of both Lithuania and foreign countries. There are some changes in team’s composition too. Team announced that the famous constructor Darius Biesevicius will be joining the team.

Team manager Antanas Kanopkinas stated that the joining of Darius Biesevicius to the “CFMOTO Factory Racing Team” is one of the biggest news.

However, the role of Darius Biesevicius will be slightly different than his usual role. The constructor was entrusted with a driver’s seat in “CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 Sport” buggy. Audrone Kanopkiniene will be joining him as his Co- pilot. The predecessor of Darius Biesevicius and the manager of the team Antanas Kanopkinas will return to his origins of ATV racing. Alongside with Adomas Gancierius they will be starting with „CFMOTO CFORCE 1000“ ATV.

“The team continues its mision and has a clear vision of which direction it wants be heading to. First news is that the team will grow. Experienced racer, engineer and the legend of Dakar rally Darius Biesevicius will augment the team. I entrust the buggy to him Maybe one day I will sit behind the wheel of buggy again yet there are plans for next year to star racing with ATV. Our team composition is increasing in few additional mechanics and one media guy, who is going to film our team in competitions. Therefore, our team will consist of 11 sometimes even 12 people“ Commented Antanas Kanopkinas.

According to Antanas Kanopkinas‘s statement the team anticipates to participate in a lot of competitions. Team plans to start in races held in Lithuania and in foreign countries. Antanas states that the most challenging races for the team will the ones abroad because the team there will participate in marathon type events.It is estimated that the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team will have more than 30 races but that depends on pandemic situation.

„Our priority is „Hispania Rally“ in Spain, which will be in the end of February. We also intend to go to Albania‘s rally, “Rallye Breslau” competition in Poland. We will start in “Baja” championship and Enduro sprint in Lithuania. The season will be indeed intense claimed the manager of the team.

In the upcoming season some new partners will join the team. A major part of them are world-wide companies.

“We are really glad that the “Gates” company, which produces CVT belts, is joining us. It is enormous and world-wide brand. Our co-operation begins exactly with belts. Alongside with “Gates” we seek to create the best belt for “CFMOTO” vehicles. A long and distant path awaits but we plan to do so in a year. Another new partnership is with the “Canadian Valley Technology”company, which produces CVTs for most of the manufacturers. They have created CVT specially for us and we will soon have it in our workshop.

We have also signed the contract with the “Carlisle” factory, who will supply us with ITP tires. The Russian clothing manufacturer “Dragonfly” will provide us with high quality clothing gear, that we have tested before. We are really glad that we will cooperate with mineral water company “Vytautas”. This mineral water will be needed to recover the strengths after exhausting days in the racing track” Antanas Kanopkinas told.

Antanas Kanopkinas also tells that there will be some updates and improvements right before the start of the season for the competitive vehicles. The team promises to announce more information about that a bit later.



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