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The new “ZFORCE 1000 SPORT” moto buggy has reached the “CFMOTO Factory Racing Team” workshop.

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

“CFMOTO Factory Racing Team” has finally received their new vehicle. The novelty of this year -“ZFORCE 1000 SPORT” moto buggy - has arrived at the team headquarters from the factory in China and will be used for racing in Lithuania, nearby foreign countries and in faraway lands.

Antanas and Audra Kanopkinas - the family duo of “CFMOTO Factory Racing Team” - will be riding the new buggy “ZFORCE 1000 SPORT“ this season.

“As soon as the SSV arrived it was taken to the workshop for some repair work. First of all, the frame had to be reinforced; also some extra decisions had to be made regarding the cvt. These works lasted a week. Throughout this period transmission also had to be adjusted and altered. Now we have experience from last year, so we used all of it on preparing the new equipment.

We had to manage to create the parts needed for us to control the camber angle of the rear wheels by the 8th of February. The rest are just safety related matters. We changed the seats, installed certified racing seat belts. Before the race we will have to ride a particular amount of kilometers which is necessary for the break-in period of the new vehicle and take time to familiarize with the buggy itself. So, the to-do list consists of several dozen points”, - said Antanas Kanopkinas.

“Engine, gear box, and differentials in the new moto buggy remained the same. It makes us happy, because we are already familiar with them, we know how they work, and how long is their service life. If these were absolutely new components, we wouldn‘t be feeling so comfortably. And now we already have baggage of knowledge. On the other hand, the reserve of our parts is already higher. We have parts from the previous season which will fit the new moto buggy.

The main differences are in suspension. It is absolutely different. The front and rear forks are new, the clearance and suspension travel is higher. This will help to reduce the effect of mistakes in some off-road areas and riding over holes. Based on the characteristics we will be faster. The exhaust system is absolutely new. We will improve it after the first race. We have already altered this component in the earlier version of this moto buggy.

Also, what is new in this buggy is an electronic accelerator. Previously the system was manual, and once our accelerator cable broke. Now we won‘t be having such problem. The disadvantage might be that this system is new and for now we know nothing about it. Everything will be clear after riding it and doing some tests”, -said Antanas Kanopkinas.

Not only the duo of Antanas and Audra Kanopkinas who will be racing with new “ZFORCE 1000 SPORT” awaits the first start of the season, but also Dalius Mockapetris together with navigator look forward to the beginning of the race. This season the tandem will take over the older but also improved “ZFORCE1000” which was used in previous years by the team.

Also, an ATV rider Adomas Gančierius, who will be riding with “CFORCE 1000” ATV, is in good athletic shape and is ready for the start. The ATV was also improved - a larger fuel tank which capacity now reaches 40 L was installed. According to the team, such modification will be needed for long distance races abroad.

“This year we have quite a lot of races, but this season we consider as a year for gaining experience. We would like to learn as much as possible about “CFMOTO” equipment, about durability of components throughout the race. It is significant, so that we would be able to plan even higher challenges and starts in higher qualification races” - spoke “CFMOTO Factory Racing Team“ factory team driver Antanas Kanopkinas.



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