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The longest stage of the rally looked like three days: "Today there was absolutely everything on the track"

On Saturday, the athletes competing in Greece had to overcome the longest one-day route, which was almost 400 kilometers. There were two neutralization zones for bikes and quads, and CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team pilot Antanas Kanopkinas said after the finish that these zones divided the track into three completely different experiences.


"The day was so long that I had to experience everything. It can be divided into three parts: until the first refueling, it was difficult to concentrate - the devil knows why. I did some nonsenses at that stage and I'm not too happy about it. The second part was great - I pushed to the maximum, Gaetan also caught up. It was very slippery, dangerous, but also very fun. The third part was very beautiful, you could observe open mountains all around, but in that section I also got to taste a little bit of ditch", A. Kanopkinas said after reaching the bivouac and said that the morning was very cold, and in the afternoon the weather became extremely hot. Navigation was confusing today as well, with easy rides replacing dangerous spots.


Gaetan Martinez, who covered the same distance and conditions, says that the organizers announced the length of the day and the challenges in advance, so both athletes were ready for what they got: "It was hot, so it was difficult not only for the athletes, but also for the equipment. In summary, everything was fine, only the road book did not work at the beginning of the day, but it turned out that the cable was simply disconnected and I fixed it in the neutralization zone. Halfway down the track, I caught up with Antanas and we finished as a team, together."


On Sunday, only 70 kilometers await the participants before the finish arch, but this does not mean that the athletes can relax. During these kilometers they will have to overcome difficult, slippery and treacherous Greek tracks.



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