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The CFMOTO Factory Racing Team reached the finish line of Rally Albania and stepped on the podium

The all-week-long Rally Albania race ended in Albania on Saturday. The CFMOTO Factory Racing Team also participated there, finishing its performance by raising the Lithuanian tricolor to the top. Team member Antanas Kanopkinas won the first place in the ATV classification.

The last day of the competition, called the epilogue, was short. In it, the participants had to cover just 40 kilometers. Comparing that number to those we had to endure for an entire week, Saturday’s speed section was supposed to be just an easy walk, but it wasn't.

“The last speed section, although short, was difficult for us. We made one navigation mistake that cost us a few minutes. Now we are happy to have reached the finish and tomorrow we will be going back to Lithuania, ”said Audronė Kanopkinienė ,after the finish, co-driver of Darius Biesevičius.

The duo of Darius Biesevičius and Audronė Kanopkinienė, who competed in the SSV classification, established themselves in tenth place in the class after a week-long race. However, another racer of the team, Antanas Kanopkinas, was standing on the podium. He became the winner of Rally Albania in the ATV class.

"I`m glad the rally is over. I punctured one tire in the last speed section, but it withstood to the finish. And now we can rejoice in the historic achievement - the Rally Albania competition in the ATV class with CFMOTO vehicle has been won. The rally was really very difficult, but we reached the goal and raised the flags of Lithuania and CFMOTO to the heights, ”the ATV driver Antanas Kanopkinas did not hide after the joy of the finish.

The only loss of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team in this race is another ATV pilot - Adomas Gancierius. He had an incident at the beginning of the race and decided not to continue the race due to the pain in his wrist.



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