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Longest day in Tunisia: it was not easy for CFMOTO RACING TEAM athletes

Wednesday was a very difficult day for the Fenix ​​rally participants in Tunisia. In total, they

had to cover over 450 kilometers, of which 252 were special stages. Although the tracks

themselves were quite difficult, everything was made even more difficult by a raging

sandstorm - athletes were telling about the difficult conditions and said that the storm

should continue tomorrow.

The athletes of the CFMOTO RACING TEAM, who have been firmly in the first and second

places in the ATV standings so far, have experienced first difficulties today, due to which

their closest rivals, the Frenchmen G. and N. Martinez, narrowed the gap. One caught up by

two, the other by ten minutes. Despite that, both team members still hold the top positions

of the ATV standings.

After the finish, Antanas Kanopkinas said that the day was one of the hardest, and already in

the first kilometers he had to get out of the sand: “My day started by getting stuck in the

dune - I lost about a minute and a half. We only managed pull out my ATV together with

Adomas’ help, and after that we drove together all day. The track was very dangerous and

fast for ATVs, the Lithuanian Jonas Lipavičius even had an accident and broke his ATV. At the

same time, as we have seen, motorcyclists and side-by-sides flew like wind. ”

A. Kanopkinas was glad that he managed to reach the finish line today and did not hide that

the narrowed gap from the rivals "hurts", but there’s three more days ahead. Before

tomorrow, athletes hope to rest and regain strength, as today's race has taken a lot of it.

Adomas Gančierius also had incident on the track – in the eighth kilometer the athlete had

to stop and fix a flat tire. According to him, it cost about five minutes. After that, A.

Gančierius helped the stuck teammate and the rest of the route team members covered


"It was a very difficult day: dust, sandstorm. I had to drive carefully. The second speed

section was more reminiscent of a classic rally – I was riding mostly in full-throttle mode,

”said A. Gančierius.

On Thursday, participants will have to cover the highest number of speed stage kilometers -

262 and only 50 km of liaison await them. True, everything will be even harder because of a

strong sandstorm, so tomorrow does not promise to be easier than it was today.

Speaking about the Thursday route, A. Kanopkinas noted that the dunes and the forecasted

sandstorm will cause great navigational challenges - no ruts will be seen, so everyone will

have to rely only on their own navigational skills.



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