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Greeting with dunes: A. Kanopkinas had some technical problems on the stage

Updated: Jan 11

On Wednesday, the Dakar Rally was deceptive - although the track stretched just 118 kilometers, and athletes had to cover more than 500 km on public roads before the start. What's more, the athletes already entered the Empty quarter, which greeted with the sea of sand. Antanas Kanopkinas, a pilot of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team, says the day was good but he had some problems.


“It was a very nice track made up of dunes only. All of them were manageable, only one punished me. I had to change some elements of the quad on track and drive without the front semiacle. I am very pleased that homework done by the mechanic before the start has led to today's finish. Otherwise, I would probably still be waiting in the dunes for help,” Kanopkinas said and did not hide that he was very tired after a day, but is happy to be at the finish.


The athlete recorded the seventh time in the quad category, and is an hour and 47 minutes behind the leader of today M. Medeiros.


Tomorrow, the participants will go to the first day of 48h Chrono challenge, with 781 km to overcome in two days, of which 572 will be a special stage. The athletes will have to spend the night from Thursday to Friday in one of the several bivouacs in the desert, depending on which they will reach. Also, they will not be able to get any technicians help.


These two days are one of the most hardcore challenges of the upcoming tracks, as the participants will have to drive through the endless dunes of the Empty quarter.



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